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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Nella Mia Cucina ~ In My Kitchen

Crostata di lamponi ~ Raspberry tart

A few years ago I was asked what my hobbies were and, sadly, I was lost for an answer. Nothing I liked to do, other than read, seemed worthy of being called a hobby. As I have grown and matured I have discovered more about myself and I can quite happily say that food is definitely one of my hobbies. I love food and I love trying food from different countries, preferably in that country, but anywhere will do. Travel is another hobby and I have added photography to my list as well. 

Now travel is not something I can achieve whenever I want, but food and photography can both be found in my kitchen. I have been consumed by all things Italian lately and, inspired by Silvia Colloca's blog, her recipe books (coincidentally full of amazing photos of Italy as well as recipes) and her television series recently seen on the ABC, we have had some Italian heaven on our plates!

Invotini di melanzane con ricotta e spinaci ~ Stuffed eggplant rolls with ricotta and spinach

Now, I'm not wandering between to aisles of fresh produce at the Campo de' Fiori or sipping cappuccinos in the Piazza Navona. Nor am I marvelling at the stained glass windows at Il Duomo but one day I will, and I might just know what I am ordering from those Italian menus if I keep practising in my kitchen until then...

from Made in Italy with Slivia Colloca

looks like the picture in the book!
(made by my husband and daughter)

What is your favourite cuisine? Is it a family recipe or one you have perfected?

Happy eating, or cooking, or both!

Kate xx

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Here & Now ~ January 2017

Well hello 2017. I wonder what you will bring? Is it a year to embrace balance and take time? Is it a year for big adventures? Is it a year that will scamper along? Maybe all of the above...

Loving // The lazy days, filled with good books, a movie or two and time to pursue hobbies at leisure.
Eating // Italian cuisine. I have been inspired by Silvia's Italian Table. I have been watching on ABC                     iView and doing a spot of cooking myself!
Drinking // Gin and tonic!
Feeling // A bit hot under the collar...it's summer in the outback and the rhythm of our day follows                       accordingly
Making // A photo book of the family photos from 2016. I hate them languishing on my laptop! I                            use Snapfish
Thinking // About belonging, what it means to me and how you can create it
Dreaming // Of kayaking in New Zealand, eating gelato in Italy, taking a train through Switzerland...

What are you dreaming of for 2017? Do you feel a belonging somewhere?

Kate xx

Joining Say! Little Hen with Here & Now


Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Travel Tales

It's true what they say about travel broadening your horizons. It doesn't matter if it is three hours from home or a long haul international flight, there will always be something you will learn, about the place you are in, about a different culture and about yourself.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks in Japan with my beloved. We knew at the outset that it would be an adventure, but what an adventure it was! Not only do I now know how to make chopsticks work enough to not starve and how to say thank you in Japanese, I learnt so much about myself along the way. 

Fushimi Iari-taisha

There are always surprises and unexpected things around the corner. Sometimes you do not find what you were looking for but you might find something else amazing. 

Ryozen Kannon

If you can master the public transport system and cope with being a little lost occasionally, the world is your oyster, or mackerel or prawn. There is a lot of fish on the menu in Japan!

Imperial Gardens, Kyoto
Local knowledge is invaluable. Things are not always what they seem but this does not always diminish their beauty. 

Suirokaku Aqueduct,

Sanmon Gate
Some things are worth getting out of bed early for. 

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

There will be new friends to be made along the way and despite planning, the things you stumble on may end up being some of your favourite moments. 

Otagi Nenbutsu-ji
Try new things and always know that even if you don't enjoy it, it might still make a pretty picture!

Nishiki Markets

Enjoy and embrace all the things that make your destination different from home. 

 Go with the flow...

Shibuya, Tokyo

Many things about Japan were well and truly out of my comfort zone...and I enjoyed that!

 I tried to speak the language, ate different things, remembered that free wi-fi and google maps are every traveller's best friend, packed an even smaller bag than last time, lost my bags (momentarily and on the way home, thank goodness), enjoyed the uninterrupted company of my beloved for the first time in a long time, got lost, found things I was not expecting and took so, so many photos.

Every time I travel I long to see more. I become braver and my wish list contains more and more destinations I would not have considered before. I want to try new things while I have a new and stronger appreciation of what I have at home. I have had long and monotonous travel time to ponder on what is really important to me, what I am passionate about and how I will prioritise these things. 

So while the dramas and workload of Term 4 that is familiar to all teachers encompasses my days, I dream of the next destination...and the one after that and the one after that!

Kate xx
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